Our Custom Quilts are awesome.       


T-Shirt quilts are a wonderful way to preserve a collection of t-shirts, sweatshirts or other clothing. Why not let Finish My Quilt create a beautiful T-shirt quilt and pillow as a graduation gift for someone you love.  We can provide custom coordinating fabrics or use your fabric selection.   We're willing to do as much sewing and shopping as you'd like us to do.  

Memory quilts portray a special time in life or a special person.  We sew and customize these keepsakes to meet your specifications.  Made from clothing, these quilts are a wonderful way to preserve a memory.  Each quilt is a unique expression of
Baby Memory quilts are a wonderful way to hang on to memories embedded in all the adorable clothes from your baby's early years.

          Longarm Services: 

  • Hand-guided free motion quilting on a long-arm sewing machine with designs and motifs to best complement your quilt

  • We offer many choices and price ranges to suit  your individual needs.

  • Schedule a free appointment or telephone meeting to discuss your quilt.

  • Edge to edge quilting applies a design or larger meander pattern which covers the entire quilt.  This type of quilting is ideal for “everyday”quilts.  Choose from patterns I have on hand or allow me to select a pattern that will compliment your quilt.

  • Custom quilting uses more than one design throughout the quilt top.  Borders, sashings and blocks may have different designs applied to each area.  Custom quilting may include "stitch in the ditch", use of templates and/or ruler work.  It takes longer to quilt and is therefore a higher price.

  • Basting service is available for those who want a stabilized quilt sandwich for hand quilting.

  • Binding service is available for those who want to supply their own binding or we can make a binding for you.  We can also attach the binding the quilt front or back and finish it by machine or you can finish it by hand or machine.

  • Free shopping service is available to anyone who would like us to shop for additional fabrics or materials to finish your quilt.

  • Reasonable prices to add borders, backing, batting, and binding to your quilt or you can supply your own materials.

  • Finish My Quilt has a large selection of thread types and colors and supplies them at very reasonable prices.

  • Turn around time depends on our current schedule (and complexity of your quilt).  The average turn around time is 2-4 weeks.  We'll always try to meet your deadline.

Services We Provide

Finish My Quilt

Long-arm Machine Quilting 

and Custom Quilts